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Genealogy from ‎‎[Townsend9.ged]‎‎

26 September 2018 - 12:15:02am

On This Day ...
Burtis, Rebecca R. Rebecca R.26 September 1855163Birth 
Flynn, James Michael James Michael26 September 1893125Birth 
Griswold, Michael Michael26 September 1684334Death 
Higgins, Jonathon Jonathon26 September 1787231Birth 
Hollingsworth, Rachel Rachel26 September 1828190Birth 
Holloway, George George26 September 1784234Birth 
Macy, Sarah Sarah26 September 1737281Birth 
Mollohan, Annilisa Rebecca Annilisa Rebecca26 September 1885133Death 
Moon, Eliza Eliza26 September 1847171Death 
Stites, Rhoda Rhoda26 September 1776242Birth 
Townsend, Alfred Alfred26 September 1891127Death 
Townsend, Cora A. Cora A.26 September 1866152Birth 
Townsend, Isaac Isaac26 September 1827191Birth 
Townsend, Mary Way Mary Way26 September 1825193Death 
Townsend, Phebe Phebe26 September 1765253Birth 
Townsend, Phebe Phebe26 September 1765253Birth 

Total events: 16
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